by Jens Pyck

FANTOOM: a video agency

So here we are. 2.2.20. On this epic date, we finally get to reveal our new reason of being. Our new “raison d’être”, if you will. We are FANTOOM: a video agency. So that’s it, it’s finally out there. Pfew, what a relief!

This is a pretty big shift for us a company, yet it’s a very logical evolution when you really think about it. Our philosophy has always been to “bridge the gap between brands and consumers” and video may very well be the perfect means to that end.

video agency knokke
drone knokke

In 2019, a whopping 84% of consumers bought something after watching a video. And about 50% of consumers say they watch at least one branded video before ever visiting a store or restaurant. Video cuts through geographical barriers, and gives brands the opportunity to connect with their customers on an emotional level.

Whether you are seeking to inform, emote or engage with your customers; FANTOOM is here to help you create real and lasting connections. It’s 2.2.20, and video is here to f#cking stay.